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Automatic Fire Suppression Systems


Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems

Industrial vehicles are plagued with potential fire hazards. Cofessco Fire Protection can effectively identify these hazards and protect your equipment against them with a fixed fire suppression system. Vehicle fire suppression systems are designed to warn the operator and suppress the fire, protecting both equipment and employees. Our automatic systems suppress the fire in its earliest stages before it becomes fully established and spreads into highly combustible areas. As a result, damage is limited and equipment down time is held to a minimum. Considering the protection provided, these systems are cost-efficient. In fact, the cost of installing a system to protect your equipment can be compared to a penny protecting a ten dollar bill.

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Industrial Fire Suppression Systems

An industrial fire suppression system incorporates an automatic detection system that will operate in case of fire anytime, 24/7, even if no one is present. These systems are installed in a variety of applications but some of the most common are paint booths, automotive body shops, CNC machines and laboratory equipment.

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